We just love this tart starring over-caramelised apples. And tarte tartin is much easier to make than it looks. Serve a slice with quality vanilla bean ice-cream and, wow!, you’ll discover the perfect explosion of flavours.

Mexican four-layer dip recipe


Whenever I take this dip to a barbecue or serve it up at a party, it doesn’t last long at all! It’s just so more-ish that all ages can’t help dipping over and over. It has just enough spice to add flavour, and the beans and avocado make it a healthier dip than a lot of others. Give it a go!

Fantastic falafels recipe


Falafel is an everyday Middle Eastern ‘fast food’. The balls are very tasty – crispy on the outside and moist and fluffy on the inside. Commonly made using ground chickpeas, herbs and spices, they are vegetarian and, once you make them at home, you will find them appearing on the menu again and again by popular demand.